Nofit Shemesh and Shira Sinai, graduates of textile design from Shenkar College, weave, design and work in Tel Aviv.


Their cooperative final project "FOG", has been participated in the 2018 Dorothy Waxman international textile design competition, ‘Talking Textile’, as part of the New York textile month. ״FOG" were chosen among the 20 finalists and awarded an honorary jury mention and the fabrics were exhibited to the public at the Mohawk showroom, Manhattan.


"FOG" led these two designers  to open: STUDIO FOG, a space where they continue to create and produce luxury textile projects. 


STUDIO FOG offers a variety of unique woven textiles for the home: blankets, bedspreads and rugs, made from fine wool and cotton.  Their quality materials and skillful weaving is what gives these textiles their character, their distinctive look and their softness.  Each piece created is unique, and it is this feature that makes their presence in your home both outstanding and special.


The woven materials used are known for their strength and sustainability.  The tightly woven combination of cotton and wool, creates a textile that is both warm and breathable.  Nofit and Shira's use of color was inspired by their connection to the innermost space within fog, and they took that term, fog, and transformed it into something tangible. 

The term "fog" refers to a colorless and weightless substance, that despite those characteristics, also envelops and seals what is inside of it.  Fog disturbs our vision, paints the sky a muddy grey, and disrupts our sense of distance and space.  And in this way, the concept of fog is a kind of paradox, and it is this paradox that inspires their creations.

Nofit and Shira transform fog into a material, a textile that is both softly colorful and soft to the touch.  Their range of textures, hues and sensations that are found in the heart of fog, also provide those that walk in the fog, a warm textile and a protective cover. 

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